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Sharon about 8 hours ago

Garry's Own

Food was ok. Service was not good. I realize the virus played a part. Order took one hour and then when I arrived I had to wait another 20 minutes.

Meredith about 23 hours ago

Spicy Tuna Melt

The food ( spicy tuna melt) was incredible 💕

Tara 3 days ago

Olvera Street Tacos

This is my GO TO breakfast. I wish I could stop ordering it, and maybe try something else once in awhile, but its never going to happen. These tacos are ADDICTING. A perfect balance of flavors: soft scrambled eggs, not-too-spicy corizo, fresh pico, and that creamy parm ranch that ISNT overwhelming. I get mine w/out cheese cause I'm weird like that. It's good either way.

Shana 3 days ago

French Toast Sandwich

Delicious, hot and fresh. Loved the French Toast Sandwich with chicken sausage.

Justine 7 days ago

French Toast Sandwich

I love the french toast sandwich! I always get it with the chicken sausage.

Amanda 8 days ago

The Californian

The food here is always AMAZING! So is the service and atmosphere. This was my first time getting takeout during COVID. It was easy and seamless. Very well organized.

Kyle 9 days ago

Ala Carte

Always the most welcoming when I arrive and the food always leaves you wanting more. Top notch!!

Janine 10 days ago

Griddle Cakes

Griddle cakes, oh how I missed thee! The hint of the lemon, the fluffiness of the the griddle cake! I was in heaven! My egg whites were scrambled to perfection and my little cocoa banana treat was there as well! You guys didn't miss a beat! I love this place!! Respè!!

Laura 10 days ago

Ala Carte

The food was delicious!! & it was ready in about 10 minutes!

Sara 10 days ago

The Mediterranean

The Mediterranean was so tasty + fresh!!

Edward 11 days ago

French Toast Sandwich

Exactly the size you would want, amazing taste and great quality food. I will be a regular

Michaelweil22 12 days ago

French Toast Sandwich

Unbelievable! I could eat this for every meal the rest of my life.

Terah 12 days ago

Tuna on Croissant

This was super yummy! A tiny bit of spice. The croissant was lovely.

Michelle 13 days ago

Pan-Seared Ahi Salad

Le Petit is fantastic! 5 stars all around. This salad was the bomb.

Tay 14 days ago


I loved this dish. Everything was so fresh. The salmon tastes as if its drawn from the ocean upon order. It melts in you mouth. I am a southern girl and those grits were so superb. The dill butter and the creaminess of the grits are a match made in heaven. The 2 together, the salmon and the grits, both are flavorful, full of love and a great combination. I also had a side of eggs and hash browns. The rosemary hash browns were full of life and flavor. They were prepared and cooked just the way I like my hash browns (fresh not frozen). The eggs were perfectly cooked. They weren't runny or hard. They were perfect. EVERYTHING was GREAT, PREFECT, FRESH NOT FROZEN, and very FLAVORFUL. One dish compliments the other no matter what you order.

Mercedes 17 days ago

The Lumberjack

The wrap was delicious! Pick up was seamless. I highly recommend!

Fatima 18 days ago

Chipotle Shrimp Po Boy

I absolutely love the French toast here! My husband's favorite dish is the chipotle shrimp po boy. Le petite marche is the best restaurant for brunch ever!

Lily 18 days ago

The Vegetarian

So good my jaw dropped with my first bite.

Kamali 19 days ago

The Mediterranean

Light. Refreshing. Filling. GOOD ☺️

Anjie2kay 19 days ago

French Toast Sandwich

The French Toast Sandwich is by far one of the BEST meals I've ever eaten. My friends and I are regulars at Le Petit Marche. Especially my friend Shade, we will literally dash from lectures and hop in the car so we can make it in time for closing just for the French Toast sandwich. It never misses, I could be having a bad day and this sandwich would fix it. Miss this spot too much, because even the staff makes me feel like home. :)

Yvonne about 12 hours ago

Fresh Ginger Lemonade

A little ginger can make anything better and the fresh ginger lemonade is no exception. Much better than the lemonade at that chicken sandwich place that's closed on Sundays. It's the perfect compliment to any lunch menu item.

Mabel 2 days ago

Spicy Tuna Melt

I love how this is a black own restaurant. Tuna melt was great! Prepared by men and they were very friendly. Also ask for the hibcus ginger drink.

Shana 3 days ago


Great salmon! Very disappointed that it was not packaged separate from the grits. I think that would be a good idea.

Duane 5 days ago

Egg Sandwich

I love getting a croissant with Delia's chicken sausage, feta, spinach, and garlic mushrooms. It's so tasty!!

Nichole C. 7 days ago

Homestyle Hash

Never had a meal here that I didn't enjoy. Tried hash this week - delish! Lots of ingredients, potatoes are outstanding. Hearty dish packed with flavor. It'll be a duel between this and the grits stack.

Mstonishia 9 days ago

Best-Ever Oatmeal

I will never eat regular oatmeal again nor will I ever take cooking oatmeal lightly. Go ahead and try it. It's filling, wholesome, and who ever said oatmeal was unhealthy? Get this! So good 👍🏽

Janine 10 days ago

Ala Carte

Sak past? N'ap boule! These rosemary potatoes were a flavor burst, and we were definitely hanging out! It's an excellent pairing. The potatoes were not too hard or too soft. The were just right! Thanks for making my Sunday breakfast come alive!

Janine 10 days ago

French Toast Sandwich

This sandwich taste even better!! Maybe because it's my fav restaurant anyway, but it was on point! I'm glad safety and distance measures are in place, another one of the reasons why I love this place so much!

Sara 10 days ago

Le Petit Marche Gear

I got the shirt for my boyfriend, perfect fit! He loves it && we loved all our food!!

Sara 10 days ago

Homemade Fried Apple Pie

The homemade fried apple pie is literally perfection!!!

Ansley 12 days ago

The Grits Stack

Love this place! So glad it's in my neighborhood. I like to bring out-of-town guests here for some delicious southern food.

Terah 12 days ago

Spicy Tuna Melt

My friend ordered this and was very pleased. It was our first time not ordering breakfast at LPM and we loved it!

Michelle 13 days ago

The Californian

This sandwich is damn good. So are their others. You can't go wrong at Le Petit.

Chaka 14 days ago

Olvera Street Tacos

Very good and tasty! The seasoning and sauce and sauce are perfect! I love them!

Ekmccoy2020 16 days ago

French Toast Sandwich

Ahh the French toast sandwich, dismantled of course. It reminds me of Saturday mornings with my mama. Sweet, comforting, and warm just like her. I've been ordering this same thing from here since high school and I have always felt like it was made with ingredients that have been prayed over and prepared by hands that work with love. I've been happy with this meal for 10 years, so many laughs, and good conversations that I'll never remember happened over this sandwich. I ordered this on my first date with my fiancé who I'll marry in a few short months. The French toast is thick, sweet but not too sweet, never soggy, and always delicious. I get the eggs scrambled with cheese, a classic combo that never fails. I typically get chicken sausage patties which are great because they're so juicy but not greasy. Everything is juuuuust right. The fruit cup is a mystery that I'm fine with never solving because it is the yummiest fruit cup I'll ever have in this lifetime. I get grits on the side when I'm feeling the need for some extra comfort with this comfort food staple. The only thing better than this dish is the nap that follows.

Tstallings 17 days ago

French Toast Sandwich

Oh my stars!! The best, sweet and savory tasting breakfast sandwich. Plus coffee and the bananas on the side as a sweet treat!

Natalie 18 days ago

Tuna on Croissant

We love this cafe so much. Easily my favorite tuna salad in town. The spice is perfect- definitely hot enough to register but not too much and cooled off perfectly with avocado. I would definitely choose the balsamic pasta salad to go with it!

Shannon 19 days ago

Chipotle Shrimp Po Boy

Hands down the best po boy in the city! And the customer service is always impeccable! LPM feels like extended family, anyone who knows me knows it's my absolute favorite restaurant!

Darius 19 days ago

French Toast Sandwich

I ordered this sh*t for like 5 days straight! 😩🙌🏾

Cherie 20 days ago

The Kirkwood

This is an absolute favorite go to, it never disappoints with the eggs scrambled to perfection, butter toast, and delicious rosemary potatoes. LePetit Marche serves the best comfort food! Service is always impeccable.


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